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Glass memorial plaque – no pin mounts!!

Liuzzi memorial plaques is a boutique family business and our products are 100% Australian made and owned.


In March 2015 our beloved grandmother passed away and just like any grieving family we got together to plan her funeral and burial.

The funeral was attended by many people who knew our grandmother and even some that didn’t.

When we played the eulogy slideshow video on the screens there was lots of mixed emotions – some cried, some laughed, some reminisced – but we all felt one thing – the love and happiness our grandmother showed us throughout her life.

When it was time to select a plaque for her burial plot, we all loved the idea of a glass memorial plaque. But then we found out how much they were charging – some in access of $6000.

With over 20 years knowledge in photography and design  we decided to do it ourselves…. and in the process a new business was formed. Setting new industry standards and higher level of graphic and visual aesthetics.




Besides our very competitive prices, what truly sets us apart from our competitors, is our attention to detail and personalised caring service during your time of grief. We will only be more than happy to meet with you at your home, cemetery or in our office.
There we can discuss how you would like to remember the life of your passed loved one, then we will take care of the rest.


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A sentimental plaque for your home.

What sets us above the rest:

  • Individually designed artwork
  • NO annoying pin mounts
  • Boarder-less floating plaques
  • Various sizes
  • Optional metallic printing
  • Personal memorials for your home
  • Pet plaques also available




“Thank you Liuzzi memorials for the amazing job you did in capturing the life of my husband’s legacy in both the eulogy video and glass plaque. The video we played in the church brought everyone to tears – we cried, laughed and remembered all the good times we had with John and I still feel his presence every time i have watched it at home with my kids in the the months following.

As for the glass plaque… we were all speechless. Compared to the other plaques that are there in the mausoleum, his stands out the most. It looks like it just floats in mid air and there are no ugly screws to distract you. Thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts. His memory will live on forever!” – (Kate)


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